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09 November 2012 @ 01:22 am
Restaurant Rant:

I've been working in the food service industry for quite awhile now, enough to have been some places and seen some stuff, to know what I am talking about. Highs, lows, good, bad, and everything in between. Sometimes I wonder, what it is about restaurants, that make otherwise good, sane, nice people (I hope) turn into sociopathic monsters as soon as they cross the threshold into a foodservice establishment. I have seen plenty and been on the receiving end enough times to know.

I understand that there are expectations of service and such but sometimes people just demand things from restaurant servers that are outlandish, things that they themselves would never put up with at their own jobs, are expected as a matter of fact. Its even worse where I am, because of the Disney reputation and expectations. Meh. I don't even have the energy to go into it tonight.
03 December 2011 @ 07:14 am
The best Christmas party is going on right now and I have to work. Someone list a toast to absent zebras...
06 September 2011 @ 01:49 pm
Well its been a long long time since I updated Livejournal. I still look at it about every day and peruse friends lists, I just haven't felt that motivated to write about anything in particular.

But this past weekend I went up to Mephit FurMeet with Grylor and we had a great time. It was a bit of a drive, around 13-14 hours from Orlando to Olive Branch, left after work and drove through the night to get there early afternoon.

I recognized a few familiar faces I hadn't seen in awhile but by and large everyone and thing were new to me. The hotel is quite nice, liked the space very much and the split levels with all the access ramps were perfect for zeebah's with carpet skate hooves, hehehe.

Had some good hibachi/sushi at a nearby place, and mostly bummed around having low key fun all weekend. Met a bunch of Grylor's friends from the area and such, had some relaxing get togethers. My enthusiasm for conventions has been dampened somewhat over the last couple years, but it was picked up a good bit by this one and I started having fun again. Maybe I'll venture out to some other cons in the near future again.

The drive home sucked of course, 13-14 hours with much of it spent sloshing around through the leavings of Tropical Storm Lee. Was some hairy driving at points and TomTom routed us all over eastern nowhere to avoid traffic accidents on the highway. Anyways, thats all for now, I shall endeaver to dig up some pictures.
16 March 2011 @ 01:43 am
Well, I quite my hellhole miserable morning job last week, finally. Been aching to do so for a long time, hated that place since week one. I haven't needed it financially for a long time, and I was down to just one day a week. Far too much hassle for fifty bucks or less after taxes per week. Had a celebration dinner at Kobe Steakhouse this past Friday with a bunch of friends from work and around town. The strange thing is, that when I looked back on the calender, I found out that I worked there for EXACTLY one year and six months TO THE DAY. Guess it was just meant to be.

On the horizon, I might possibly have another part time job lined up. I don't need it really, but working there would definately help with knowledge and experience and look good on a resume. Plus it might just be fun. More on that as it developes.
21 February 2011 @ 10:59 am
I looked at the status of Anthrocon hotels the other day and saw how fast the main hotel booked up this year. Then, the more I thought about it, the more I realized I wasn't looking forward to it. Or any other con, really. I don't know if I'm just feeling out of it for now or if something changed, but the last year or so, conventions just haven't been the same. Felt that way at Megaplex last year, at first at least; I live less than five miles from the con site and didn't even really go at all the first day or so. Still haven't even been to an Elliots Event the whole time I've been in Florida. Sigh.
19 January 2011 @ 09:10 am
Ugh, haven't beene having a good time of it this week so far. Last Thursday/Friday I had a large pimple on my lower back. Didn't think much of it, I popped it and drained a bit and figured that was it. Over Saturday and Sunday though, it started developing into a sore red spot and on Sunday at work I just started feeling sick and getting the chills. Was so tender I had trouble walking. Monday morning it was quite large and I could feel lots of pressure, so I went straight to the clinic across the street when I got up.

Turns out it was a huge staph infection and the doctor numbed and cut it open immediately. It drained A LOT, like a scary amount of crap coming out of my back. Currently, its all cut open and packed full of gauze and taped up. I am do to go back tomorrow and have it looked at, repacked, etc. and they are doing a culture to see if its the MRSA strain of staph, hopefully not.
16 December 2010 @ 01:11 pm
For the last four months I've been in the midst of an irritating hassle with car insurance. It started in September, when I went to go make my monthly payment online as usual. The website wouldn't allow me to do so however, and after calling up I found out that my policy had been terminated! Apparently the agency I went through decided to stop dealing with the insurance company. They said they sent me notice of this, but I didn't receive anything.

So, I looked up a local agency in Celebration, called them up and said to get me a policy with the same insurance company, Encompass. They ran a few quotes and found one with GMAC that was $20 a month cheaper, so I said sure, go for it. All was good until November when my first payment was actually due, and I received a bill schedule. According to it, my premium had more than doubled to over $2200 a year and my payments were over 200 a month instead of 80!!!

Naturally I called the agency to ask WTF and they said they would look into it. After a week with no answers, I called GMAC themselves and they said they never got proof of prior insurance, so upped my premium. I contacted Encompass, got my old documents, sent them to GMAC and they said they'd adjust it back down. All is good, right?

Wrong! I get all my new paperwork in the mail, and my insurance premium is STILL $300 a year higher than they originally quoted me. So, I contact the agency again. No response after a week, I call back and find out my agent is getting married/on a honeymoon. So someone else takes over my problem and says they will call me back in a few days. Its now been over a week since then, and I just got an email that says my insurance limits were higher than what was quoted originally so they had to up the premium. WTF!?!?! You guys are the ones that gave me that quote that lured me into switching in the first place!

I'm sorely disappointed in both the local agency's handling of my policy and customer skills and in GMAC's services. Time to switch to Geico?
05 November 2010 @ 12:00 pm

Well, I moved last week, starting on Friday, and got settled into the new place over the weekend. In my own apartment now, in the newer division of the complex and it is quite nice if I do say so myself, very excited. Above is the view out my balcony. Still a few loose ends to tie up but things are mostly done. Its going to be epic! Once I get things fully set up and all and have some actual time off, I'd like to have a lil party or get together. Perhaps after the Thanksgiving holiday, as my parents are coming down to visit that week, hehe!

My wonderful former roommate Liesl should be settled into her new house as well and I hope she likes it as much as I like mine! It was kind of sad to see our old place all empty on that last day, after nearly three years there. I still drive by the building and look up at the old balcony every day, it was the place where I was really welcomed into living here in Florida and got established. I hope to be here for awhile longer!
07 October 2010 @ 03:10 pm
My brother recently sent me a photo of our dog Homer, from back in Maine. He's beefed up quite a bit since I moved, its amazing how much they grow. In fact, I was quite surprised, it looks like he's big enough that they used him as a double in a little film, here's the picture, under the cut.

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